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PZ Puzzles


Puzzles: Two syllable words with Closed, Open (V.CV), Silent "e", R-Controlled, Cle, and Vowel Team syllables.

Purpose: To match and blend syllabes to form words.  

Description: Puzzles are run of on seven different colors of card stock to be cut by teacher. There are 41 sets of puzzles in all. The number of puzzle sets for each concept is indicated next to the syllable type below.

Red: Closed Sylables (5 sets)
Yellow: Closed + Silent “e” syllables (5 sets)
Green: V.CV and VC.V (5 sets)
Orange: R-Controlled Syllables (5 sets)
Blue: Vowel Team Syllables (12 sets)
Purple: Cle Syllables (4 sets)
Pastel: Hard and Soft C and G (5 sets)

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