What is Moose?

Moose Materials are activities and games which have the flexibility to support a variety of Multisensory Structured Language Programs. They provide students with the reinforcement necessary to reach mastery of reading and spelling skills. The materials allow students varied opportunities to apply their knowledge of sounds, syllables, morphological units and spelling patterns. The time efficient activities enhance student interest and involvement while allowing them to have fun. Positive feelings increase the likelihood of learning to occur.

Additional Benefits

  • Make Orton-Gillingham skills and concepts as clear as possible.
  • Increase student involvement through the use of manipulatives.
  • Sustain student interest through the use of varied materials.
  • Provide the systematic practice necessary for mastery and retention.
  • Make the learning experience as fun as possible.
  • Make activities readily available to teachers as they introduce new concepts.
  • Optimize homework practice and facilitate parent involvement in their child's learning process.

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