Workshops Offerings

  • Language Structure & Techniques for the Classroom Teacher
  • Phonetics, Phonology & Error Analysis
  • Phonological Awareness: A Sequenced Approach
  • Syllable Types & Division Patterns with Movement & Manipulatives
  • Morphology: A Structured & Systematic Approach
  • Spelling: Teaching Rules, Homophones, & Irregular Words
  • Cursive Handwriting: Letter Formations to Flow
  • Written Expression: A Focus on Vocabulary, Sentences & Paragraph Structure
  • Multisensory Language Instruction with Movement, Manipulatives, Multisensory Activities, & Games
  • Assessment: Formal & Informal

Workshops topics and content can be tailored to your organization’s needs, schedule, and location.

All workshops will be creative, hands-on presentations of language structure and multisensory techniques.    Participants will learn by doing. Multisensory procedures, manipulatives, and movement will be demonstrated and practiced. Participants will leave workshops with highly effective strategies and materials to enhance their teaching.

For Information: 843-866-1740