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SP12345 SPELLING SET 1 (SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, & SP5)


This set includes, Kids & Cats, Floss, Ducks at Dusk, Pinch & Punch and The Huge Bridge

The purpose of this spelling game is to examine missing-letter cards and determine if words should be spelled with -ff, -ll, or -ss. It reviews the concept of using ff, ll, ss at the end of a short word directly after a short vowel. This activity includes a deck of missing letter cards, individual cards with -ff, -ll, -ss, and a game board. The individual cards (-ff, -ll, -ss) are used for sorting activities.

To play the game, students turn over missing letter cards and move to the next space with the correct final spelling.  Game pieces are included and a zipper bag allows for easy storage.

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