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  • Model: SP9214

SP9214 SPELLING SET 3 (SP9, SP10, SP11, SP12, SP13, & SP14)


This set includes: Ai & Ay, Red, White, & Blue, Oi & Oy, Cows in the Snow, Au, Aw, & Augh, and Pieces of a Puzzle

Purpose: To Practice spelling words by examining missing letter cards and determining the correct spelling from 2 or more spellingl options. 

Description: Each item includes a deck of missing letter cards and a game board. Within the decks are spelling option cards that can be used for sorting activities. Additionally small spelling options are available to place on the missing letter cards to help student visualize and they determine the correct spelling of words. Game pieces are included and zipper bags, allow for easy storage of materials for each item. 

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