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  • Model: IH1

IH1 I Have. Do You Have? b/p Set


2 Decks: CVC Deck with /p/ and /b/ in 3 letter words, and Blends Deck with /p/ and /b/  in words with blends.


Purpose: To practice discriminating and substituting the /p/ and /b/ sounds in words. To read and spell words with /p/ and /b/.


Activities: The Teacher reads a word and the student identifies the /p/ or /b/ sound by pointing to the corresponding letter or writing the letter /p/ or /b/ which represents the sound heard in the word. Also, students read and sort the words under the /p/ and /b/ label cards or spells and writes them in the corresponding column. Finally, students can play I have. Do you have? by asking the following types of questions: “I have patDo you have bat?". This game is similar to Go Fish.

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