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  • Model: MV2

MV2 Match It: Vocabulary - Blends


Match It: Vocabulary - Short Vowels with Blends: 8 Decks, 11 pictures/word pairs for blends with each short vowel and compound words with blends.

Purpose: To develop vocabulary while reading words with short vowel and blends. 

Description: Each item includes decks made up of word cards and matching pictures. The Phrase & Sentence Game: Moose Tracks (SG2is available to reinforce the vocabulary words, by providing additional exposure to word meanings.

Activities: As word attack skills are introduced, the meanings of words containing these elements are discussed. Pictures are used to illustrate meanings and provide opportunities for practice.  

Match It: Pictures are spread out on the table, face up. Students read word cards and place them on corresponding picture cards. Memory (Concentration): When students become proficient with matching activities, they can play memory. Sort the pictures and word cards. Place the pictures face down on one side of the table, and the words face down on the other side. Students take turns turning over cards and making pairs.  

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