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  • Model: IH4

IH4 I Have. Do You Have? Short Vowels


Two DecksDeck 1: Words with i and eDeck 2: Words with o and u 


Purpose: To practice discriminating and substituting the short vowel sounds (/i/,/e/ or /o/,/u/) in words. To read and spell words with i/e and o/u short vowel sounds.


Procedure: Teacher can read words and student listen and identify the short vowel sound (/i/,/e/ or /o/,/u/) and point to the corresponding letter. Students can also write the letter (i/e or o/u) which represents the sound heard in the word. They can read and sort the words under theshort vowel (i/e or o/u) label cards or spell and write them in the corresponding column (i/e or o/u). Finally, students play I Have. Do you have?, saying “I have big. Do you have beg (i/e)?" or "I have cop. Do you have cup (o/u)?". This game is similar to Go Fish.


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