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B2 Vowel Combinations


Bingo 2: Vowel Combinations: e/ee, ea, ai/ay, oa, ow (2 syl. words), igh, oi/oy, oo (moon), oo (book), ou/ow, au/aw, ue/ew


Purpose: To read words with specific sound-symbol relationships. To develop thinking and language skills by determining the word which corresponds to a specific clue. Clues include words with categories, synonyms, antonyms, and the past tense form of irregular verbs. In addition,some clues model a structure for defining nouns, by starting with the category and then giving the function or description of the word. 


Description: Bingo games are run off on six different colors of card stock, with 3 bingo boards for each sound or concept. The clue cards need to be cut up by the teacher. To play the game, the teacher reads the word or clue card, and students find the corresponding word, and cover it with a chip. The winner is the first player to cover five in a row.


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