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  • Model: CM24

CM24 Crazy Moose:Vowel Suffixes(ing, es, er, est, ed, y)


1 Deck Vowel Suffixes: Closed syllable base words + Suffixes (-ing, -es, -er, -est, -ed,)

Purpose: To read and match words with similar vowel suffixes. 

Description: Front of cards have a word and a number. A colorful illustration of a moose is on the back of all cards. Game can be played with 2-4 players. 

Activities: Prior to playing the game, students sort cards by suffix by placing them under category cards (-ing, -es, -er, -est, -ed). When playing "Crazy Moose", students match the suffix or the number on the card to the overturned card on the discard pile. "Crazy Moose" cards allow students to change the suffix to be played. Deck can also be used for reading and spelling drills. Similar to Crazy Eights.  


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